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Keyboard and mouse shortcuts


Keyboard shortcuts

A complete list of keyboard shortcuts in Grasshopper can be found at File > Preferences and then Interface > Shortcuts. It’s also possible to remap shortcuts and add new ones for unassigned functions. The following table is an opinionated selection of shortcuts worth remembering.

In General:

Ctrl + TabQuickly switch between open Grasshopper files
Ctrl + SSave document
Ctrl + Alt + SSave backup with timestamp
F3Open Find…
F4Open canvas search
SpaceOpen canvas search
Ctrl + SpaceOpen radial menu
Middle Mouse ButtonOpen radial menu
Ctrl + MToggle preview of mesh edges in the Rhino viewport

In combination with a component:

Ctrl + Shift + VPaste the copied objects in the center of your view
InsertBake selected to Rhino
Ctrl + Shift + IInvert selection
Ctrl + QToggle Preview of selected objects
Ctrl + EToggle Enabled of selected objects
Ctrl + GGroup selected objects
Ctrl + Shift + GUngroup selected objects
Ctrl + LeftShift selection upstream
Ctrl + RightShift selection downstream
Ctrl + Shift + LeftGrow selection upstream
Ctrl + Shift + RightGrow selection downstream

Mouse shortcuts

There are also some keyboard and mouse-button combinations that ease your workflow (LMB = Left Mouse Button, RMB = Right Mouse Button).

In combination with a component:

LMB + Drag + AltCopy all dragged objects
LMB + Shift + ClickAdd the clicked object to the selection
LMB + Ctrl + ClickRemove the clicked object from the selection
LMB + Ctrl + Shift + ClickToggle the selection state of the clicked object
LMB + Ctrl + AltInfo mode to find the clicked object in the toolbars
LMB + Ctrl + Shift + AltSave an image of currently clicked info mode

In combination with an input/output grip:

LMB + DragCreate a new wire
LMB + Shift + DragCreate a new wire without erasing existing wires
LMB + Ctrl + DragRedraw a wire to remove the existing one
LMB + Ctrl + Shift + DragMove all existing wires to another grip
LMB + Drag + RMBCreate a new wire (keep wire tool active)
LMB + Drag + Shift + RMBCreate a new wire without erasing existing wires (keep wire tool active)
LMB + Drag + Ctrl + RMBRemove an existing wire (keep wire tool active)
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