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Grasshopper how-tos

User interface

Keyboard and mouse shortcuts

Short overview of frequently used keyboard and mouse-button combinations in Grasshopper.

Canvas search

Use canvas search to quickly place components on the canvas in Grasshopper.



Various components to construct, retrieve, work with and deconstruct domains.

Construction planes

Construction planes can be used as a local coordinate system to easily navigate in a specific space.

Curve and surface parameters

Recap of curve and surface parameters and the concept of reparameterization.


Generate lists

Various methods to generate data in list format.

Sort lists

Various methods to sort and rearrange items in lists while all items are kept.

Filter lists

Various methods to extract or remove items from lists.

Search lists

Various methods to search list for specific items.

Merge lists

Various methods to merge and combine lists or to replace items.

Data trees


Lines and polylines

Fundamentals about lines and polylines.

Modify polylines

Learn how to tweak polylines and their vertices.

Divide curves

Divide curves and lines into smaller segments with pattern-based rules.

Split curves

Various methods to split curves and lines into segments at intersection events.

Trim curves

Trim curves with various cutting objects.

Remove duplicate curves

Learn how to remove duplicate curves with vanilla Grasshopper.



Trim meshes and cap holes

Trim meshes depending on different trimming objects and cap holes created by this process.


Export from Rhino

Short summary of useful file formats to export to.

Export to DXF

Quickly export from Grasshopper to a *.dxf file.



A collection of specific vocabulary.